Every culture has at some time developed the enfolding and warm cloak, like our ruana. . (The word comes from the South American Quechuan, language of the Incas.) Some people immediately see Ireland or Scotland, others, South America. Here is a garment that makes a statement! There are a half dozen ways to wear it (ends thrown back over the shoulders, one end thrown back, hanging straight in front or belted are a few) and as many outfits to wear it with—over a heavy sweater or a long raincoat in coldest winter, over just a shirt on a cool late summer night. A ruana dresses up for elegance, looks great with jeans.

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Looks great on guys, too! Click on the image for a closeup.
Moonshine Design at Keldaby Farm

Celtic Pins

We also sell a beautiful pewter penannular pin which goes perfectly with the Ruana or the shawl.

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Moonshine Design at Keldaby farm. We raise angora goats, and weave fine garments from mohair.